Jay Halstead in 02x01 Call It Macaroni 

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Chicago PD » Jay Halstead aka The Sass Queen


Chicago Fire/P.D. Meme: 3/3 brotp’s

Leslie Shay & Kelly Severide


Celebrate the Chicago P.D. Finale with GIFs of Jesse Lee Soffer enjoying assorted beverages. Cheers!

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Chicago PD ~ 1.15 'A Beautiful Friendship' sneak peek

If Dawson & Casey get married I’m not watching this show anymore. I quit.



I just don’t get it. I shipped it for like the first few episodes of the series, then she got with Mills & it was amazing & they have so much more chemistry. Casey is too, idk, controlling or something. Bring back Millson!!

I already stopped watching, but I agree. Dawson and Casey together is so wrong.

Erin & Jay ~ 1.14 ‘The Docks’

Jay Halstead aka The Sass Queen

"I just have one request.."